Tot 2 Teen

The Tot 2 Teen Story

All great adventures must first begin as a dream. My dream was to stay at home with my son Matthew and my twins Ian and Caitlyn, while also helping the family financially. I realized that there were many options that could work, but only a few that I would be truly passionate about. I have a lot of passion for children, so helping other moms design imaginative bedrooms while promoting the development of a healthy child was a logical place to start.

I began by searching for a few unique products that would be helpful to almost any mom. In August of 2005, I found my first product and Tot 2 Teen was born.

I started with finding a few unique crib bedding sets for babies nursery. The nursery had to be decorated in bright contrasting colors to help promote baby’s eyesight. It also needs to be soft and warm to help keep baby cozy and safe.

I soon found numerous products to turn your boys bedroom into a mystical experience with themes of dinosaurs roaming the land, space adventures, wild animals roaming the jungle, nautical bedding with pirates sailing the high seas, a busy city with cars, trains, and trucks hurrying down the streets, or maybe a construction workers building their next high-rise. For your girls bedroom we have kids bedding and accessories that would charm any princess, a magical field of flowers to tickle her toes in, and a nautical theme of mermaids frolicking under the sea.

Of course I didn’t stop there. As my kids got older I found that I needed to take a new approach to decorating their bedrooms. So I set forth to find bright, trendy bedding and accessories for tweens and teens.

Coordinating accessories are just as important as the main pieces of furniture and bedding. Our accessories we offer must be designed to be kid friendly and to add the perfect finishing touch to your child’s room or dorm room. We have an assortment of coordinating accessories such as clocks, peel and stick appliqués, picture frames, display shelves, toy boxes, step stools, rocking horses, storage boxes, growth charts, pillows and throws, mirrors and of course framed wall art just to name a few. Needless to say, we have a large selection of accessories to suit your needs.

Regardless of how many products I offer or how large my business grows, my primary goal will remain the same: to offer unique products at great prices with exceptional small town customer service! I invite you to explore my website.

Please feel free to contact me by phone, letter or email and I will be happy to speak with you, answer your questions or hear about your product ideas. After all, shouldn't we moms stick together?